Anoles in the Blogosphere

It turns out that Anole Annals isn’t the only member of the stable that has a thing for our favorite lizard. While recently doing some tag surfing, we came across the following posts.

Catholic mom tells the gripping (or not) story of a green anole that went for a ride on the minivan windshield. You can probably guess the outcome, but the photos are nifty.

Meanwhile, tberrys garden has an account of a vicious fight between two male carolinensis. Some cool photos, but not for the faint of heart. By the way, tberry is to be commended for her humane treatment of the little green guys, even though she considers them to be pests.

Although carolinensis receives the anole’s share of the attention, other species are represented. For example, in Dust Tracks on the Web, Janson Jones tells of the successful conclusion of a lifelong quest to capture a knight anole, an adventure in which the anole gave as much as he got (to see the damage wrought, check out the second photo in the story).

There’s more out there. Happy surfing!

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