Guidelines for Posting on Anole Annals

Access: Anyone can leave a comment to an existing post; anonymous comments are discouraged.  Please contact Melissa at if you would like to become a contributor and post on Anole Annals.

Content: Anole Annals is a place to post anything about anoles, from recent scientific research to anecdotes about anoles in popular culture.  Have fun and post any anole information that you’d like to share with other anole enthusiasts.  Perhaps the most important rule is to avoid controversial remarks that may get you or your coauthors in trouble.  Once something is one the internet it will never go away.  If you are going to be critical of someone’s work, make sure that you are objective and prepared to personally defend your critique.  We do not permit posts or comments related to sale, trade, or donations of animals (alive or dead) that are not accompanied by appropriate legal documentation.  If you have any doubts about a post, let your co-authors preview before you proceed to publication.

Titles: Please capitalize words in titles.

Images: People like pictures, so try to include one with each post.  The posting space is 650 pixels wide. Resize all images so that they are no wider than this prior to posting. Using WordPress to resize images can lead to trouble.  Among other problems, posting really large original images and forcing WordPress to resize them on the fly will dramatically slow down page loads.  If you are going to steal an image from another page, be sure to provide credit in your post.

Help topics

Pasting text into a new post:  Generally, pasting from Word or other word processors directly into your post is not recommended. They add formatting that can conflict with your theme and break it.  Instead, use the Paste From Word tool to safely remove the formatting and paste the text. Read more about this here:
You may also be interested in Windows Live Writer – an offline blog editor that works very much like Word, but is fully integrated with your blog:

Inserting an image in a comment post: Post a comment, then upload your photo to media library on the blog and copy the generated URL. Then go to the comment and edit it. When you get to the edit bar, hit the “img” tab above it and it will let you enter a URL.

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