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SICB 2019: Large Immune Challenges Do Not Decrease Performance

Traveling to SICB is always exciting, but like any trip through crowded airports, hotels, and convention centers, you’re more likely to get sick during your travel if you’re not careful. As we all know, getting a travel-cold (or worse) makes … Continue reading

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SICB 2019: Tail Autotomy Happens More When the Tail Stores More Energy

One of the most interesting features of many lizards, including anoles, is that they can willingly, and actively, lose their tails to escape predators. While it might seem counterintuitive to lose a large body part, it’s better than being eaten! … Continue reading

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Genomic signatures of climate adaptation in Anolis cybotes

Katharina Wollenberg Valero & Ariel Rodríguez Thermal adaptation is the evolution of the ability to persist in novel thermal environments. Phenotypic characters that allow such adaptation, as well as the resulting shifts in the geographic distributions of species, are an … Continue reading

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Anole Visual Ecology, Sans Vision

A riddle: What has four legs, eagle eyes, and can change colors? Anoles are extremely visual animals, with vision being the primary sensory mechanism through which they perceive their surroundings. Accordingly, their vision is excellent, at least during the daytime. … Continue reading

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Things We’d Like to Learn

Last summer I accompanied Martha Muñoz on her trip to the DR. Earlier this month I came to Harvard to present an overview of her study of thermoregulation in the cybotes clade of anoles at various locations and altitudes, and … Continue reading

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Anole Research at Animal Behavior Meeting in Summer of 2011

Thom’s recent post on the upcoming SICB meeting reminded me that I was yet to share the anole research I learned about at the Animal Behavior Meeting this past summer in Bloomington, Indiana. There were just a handful of presentations … Continue reading

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Comparing the Environment of Native and Introduced Brown Anoles

The Cuban brown anole, Anolis sagrei, is indisputably the most successful of all Caribbean anoles. Not only is it found throughout almost all of Cuba at low elevations, but also everywhere in the Bahamas, on many islands in western Cuba, … Continue reading

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