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Orange Anolis in South Florida

New minor color variants appear every once in a while, but it’s always interesting to find something completely different.  This, to the best of my knowledge, is something completely different.  I’ve found a few of these guys running around, and … Continue reading

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A Highly Anecdotal Account of a Most Remarkable Anole

“You’ve gotta see this!” my fiancé Mark called to me one morning.  He was outside, which could mean only one thing: a wildlife encounter was underway.  Living in a semi-rural neighborhood in Florida, you never knew what you would see, … Continue reading

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Anole Eyespots

Anoles have served as great model organisms in studies of adaptive radiation and how form and function are molded by selection, but they have also been the center-piece for some of the most interesting (and classic) research on how the … Continue reading

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Anoles, American Style

I will admit here that I used to be a little jealous of other anole catchers. This twinge of want was not necessarily due to any perceived greater intellectual merit of the research, nor to collecting successes in terms of … Continue reading

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Anoles in the Blogosphere

It turns out that Anole Annals isn’t the only member of the WordPress.com stable that has a thing for our favorite lizard. While recently doing some tag surfing, we came across the following posts. Catholic mom tells the gripping (or … Continue reading

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