Williams 1983 – Now in PDF!!

About a week ago, an esteemed foreign colleague asked if I had a PDF of Ernest Williams’ famous 1983 Lizard Ecology book chapter on the evolution of the anole ecomorphs.  I didn’t, nor did anyone else to my knowledge, so I scanned it today.  In doing so I was able to renew my appreciation for just how LONG this gem is – nearly FIFTY PAGES including refs.  I hope that no one ever has to scan it again!

To that end, readers may now find scans of this long-out-of-print work here.  It comes in two flavors: slightly higher resolution or OCR text-searchable.  Enjoy!!

PS. As a teaser, here’s Figure 2 – the ubiquitous ecomorph figure that’s found its way into countless anole presentations over the past quarter century.

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4 Responses to Williams 1983 – Now in PDF!!

  1. Julian Velasco says:

    Thanks a lot Luke!

  2. lukemahler says:

    My pleasure Julian.

  3. Renata Brandt says:

    Thank you!

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