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Anoles and the IUCN

Anoles are well known for a lot of reasons, but conservation is not one of them.  Possibly because of the abundance, hardiness, and visibility of the more common anole species, the group as a whole is often regarded as one … Continue reading

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Yet More Coverage of Anoles in Evolution – Colonization and Naturalization by the Poe Lab

In what can legitimately be called a taxonomic coup, an Anolis lizard has stolen the cover of Evolution for the third time in 8 months.  That’s right folks – 3 out of the last 8 Evolution covers have been anoles … Continue reading

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Williams 1983 – Now in PDF!!

About a week ago, an esteemed foreign colleague asked if I had a PDF of Ernest Williams’ famous 1983 Lizard Ecology book chapter on the evolution of the anole ecomorphs.  I didn’t, nor did anyone else to my knowledge, so … Continue reading

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New Anole from Colombia: Anolis anoriensis

Julián Velasco and colleagues recently added a new species to the anoles: Anolis anoriensis from the central Andes of Colombia, described in The Herpetological Journal. This species is placed in the aequatorialis group, and appears to be very similar to … Continue reading

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Memorial Wall for Fallen Heroes of Natural History

Over at strange behaviors, Richard Conniff has posted an interesting memorial list: The Wall of the Dead The list sets out to honor naturalists who have lost their lives in the field or during other natural history pursuits.  A lot … Continue reading

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The Anoles of Soroa, and the Lost Manuscript of Williams and Rand

With several colleagues, Cuba’s foremost authority on Anolis lizards – Lourdes Rodríguez Schettino – has recently published a paper on the anoles of Soroa that’s well worth checking out. Soroa is an unbelievable place.  Although you wouldn’t guess it to … Continue reading

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Green Anole Escapes from Circus (ca. 1920)

If you spend much time at all in the collections of a natural history museum, you’re guaranteed to come across some weird and hilarious stuff (e.g., see this book).  Here’s a gem of a specimen label – this is a … Continue reading

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Anole Elevation! – A. distichus Subspecies Raised to Species Status

In a recently accepted paper in Molecular Phylogenetic and Evolution, Rich Glor and Robert Laport suggest that the stalwart Hispaniolan anoles, A. distichus and A. brevirostris, actually represent complexes of species under the general lineage species concept. This idea is … Continue reading

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