Strange perch mate

Anoles in Florida really have to deal with some strange neighbors. You just never know who is going to move in next door. Giant day geckos are rapidly expanding their range in the Fla Keys and use a variety of perch sites and heights including manmade structures. This of course brings them in contact with all species of Anolis occurring there.  I enjoyed watching this interaction… The A.carolinensis/porcatus was really troubled with the invader, using the entire repertoire of his display skills. The gecko (Phelsuma grandis) which was at least three times the mass of the anole, only seemed slightly hesitant to continue to the crown of the tree. Once there the anole displayed for several minutes trying to influence the gecko out of his small palm. Perhaps one day they will learn each others language.

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3 Responses to Strange perch mate

  1. Jonathan Losos says:

    Cool! They say that in Hawaii, smaller introduced species of day geckos are supplanting A. carolinensis.

  2. Gerrut Norval says:

    Interesting! I would love to know what the green anole was thinking.

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