New On-Line Journal: Caribbean Herpetology

Caribbean Herpetology is a new on-line, open-access journal edited by S. Blair Hedges (Pennsylvania State University), Robert Powell (Avila University), Robert Henderson (Milwaukee Public Museum), and Byron Wilson (University of the West Indies).  On the basis of the content published thusfar, it seems devoted primarily to the publication of short notes on new distributional records, natural history observations, and discovery of species of conservation concern.  For this type of work, Caribbean Herpetology seems like a nice alternative to Herpetological Review. [Note: I’m not sure if the journal has a stable URL, the link above takes you to caribherp, from which point you’ll need to click on the journal link to arrive at Caribbean Herpetology. The html code used to generate this page is beyond me, so perhaps someone else can tell us if there is a direct, stable link to the journal?].

About Rich Glor

Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Rochester and longtime anole enthusiast.
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  1. 220mya says:

    Looks to me like this is the actual link (I think):

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