Frugivory, Anolis sagrei

Video taken in June 2010, in the Bahamas. This anole is having a feast courtesy of one of his main predators. The fruit is from the wild dilly bush, not an easy fruit to crack for an anole, but it doesn’t present a challenge for a hungry curly-tail lizard, searching for his daily portion of sugars and fibers. After the curly-tail had his fill, the anole moved in to devour the pulp. Video taken by Dave Steinberg.

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5 Responses to Frugivory, Anolis sagrei

  1. Jonathan Losos says:

    This is very unusual. Almost all reported cases of frugivory in anoles are by more arboreal species. Dave should write this up as a Herp. Review note.

  2. rglor says:

    Are we sure that it wasn’t just trying to eat insects that were on/in the fruit?

  3. chipojolab says:

    110% Positive

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