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What’s All the Fuss About Dewlaps?

Anolis carolinensis from http://www.mascotissimo.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/anolis_carolinensis.jpg A few years ago, Richard Tokarz and colleagues conducted a series of studies in which he surgically disabled the dewlaps of some male A. sagrei and discovered that these functionally dewlapless lizards had no trouble holding … Continue reading

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Dewlap Color, Gene Flow, Habitat Specialization, and Speciation: A Tale of Two Contact Zones

Despite all of the research on anole evolution conducted in the last 40 years, one important question still eludes us: how does speciation in anoles occur? This, of course, is of fundamental importance, because the great species richness of these … Continue reading

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How Many Times Have Lizard Dewlaps Evolved?

One interesting implication of the recent finding that Anolis and Polychrus are not closely related concerns the evolution of the dewlap. The two genera were long thought to be close relatives in part because they both possess what appear to be … Continue reading

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Unique dewlap?

I recently returned from a trip to eastern Cuba and as expected, made some interesting observations and gathered some new natural history information. While poking around one evening with a flashlight (mainly looking for Eluth’s) I saw this “orange” sagrei … Continue reading

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Name That Anole (x2)!

I’ve enjoyed this type of post and figured I would contribute myself. On a trip to Costa Rica in early 2010, I had the pleasure of wandering around catching all the anoles I could see. Although most of my photos … Continue reading

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