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A Second Front in the Sagrei-Cristatellus Wars: Anolis Sagrei Arrives in Costa Rica

Anole Annals has previously reported on the ongoing interactions between A. cristatellus and A. sagrei in Miami (for example, here and cool video here), as well as the invasion of Costa Rica by A. cristatellus. Now the plot has thickened. In a 2009 paper … Continue reading

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Measuring Bite Force In Anoles: The Video

The latest anole flick from Day’s Edge Productions. If you haven’t seen some of their previous work, try this one. And for an interview about this film with filmmaker and UCLA grad student Neil Losin, go here.

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Thermal Ecology of Anolis cristatellus

The recent literature has been full of doom and gloom regarding the prospects for lizard survival in the face of global climate change (e.g., Sinervo et al. 2010).  A talk by Alex Gunderson from Manuel Leal’s lab at Duke University … Continue reading

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Sagrei – Cristatellus Interactions in Miami

In his spare time, photographer and  film-maker extraordinaire Neil Losin doubles as a graduate student studying the ecological interactions between introduced trunk-ground anoles A. sagrei and A. cristatellus in Miami. He’s just begun his third field season, and you can … Continue reading

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The Ability of Anoles to Acclimate to Dry Conditions

In this famous figure, Ernest Williams sketched out his view of how anole diversification occurred on the Greater Antilles, using Puerto Rico as an example. First, species diverge to use different structural habitat, producing the different ecomorphs. Subsequently, within-ecomorph divergence … Continue reading

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Introduced Herps of the Caribbean

 A new, two-volume set on the conservation of Caribbean herps has just been published. More on that in a minute, but let’s cut to the important stuff. There’s a great summary of the record of anole introductions (discussed previously a … Continue reading

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Results of the Costa Rica cristatellus Expedition

I’ve completed the brief survey of the distribution of A. cristatellus in Costa Rica (see previous post for explanation).  The work was hampered by rainy and cool weather.  Nonetheless, several new localities were identified.  In particular, we found cristatellus in … Continue reading

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Looking for the Puerto Rican A. cristatellus in Costa Rica

I’ve just arrived in Limon, a port town on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, to track the spread of the introduced species A. cristatellus.  Several realizations occurred to me as we wended our way down the mostly beautiful road … Continue reading

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