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Anolis Roquet Males Displaying On Exhibit

At the Nashville Zoo we have a large mixed species exhibit that contains two species of dart frog, a bushmaster, Gonatodes, and 2.3 Roquet’s anoles (Savannah anoles).  We are working on some new graphics where we hope to incorporate videos, … Continue reading

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Vitamin A for Anolis and Chamaeleolis

Does anyone out there have good info or maybe a paper or two about the vitamin A requirement for Anolis lizards? We are having minor eye issues in our collection from time to time and when given vitamin A supplements, … Continue reading

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Anolis Blood Work, “Normal” Levels

I was wondering if anyone has some good information, published or otherwise, on the normal values found within a blood sample for an anolis species?  We have been doing some sampling within our collection and are looking for something with … Continue reading

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