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Meeting Summary: Anolis Evo-devo and Genomics

The Anolis Gene Nomenclature Committee (AGNC) recently held an open discussion regarding our ongoing efforts to develop Anolis as a model system for integrative biology* and genomics at SICB 2012 in Charlestown, SC. To facilitate further discussion from the community … Continue reading

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Not All Embryos are Created Equal

The pages of Anole Annals were recently graced with beautiful photos of Anolis embryos (here), their allure attracting attention from far and wide (here). Unfortunately, development doesn’t always go according to plan. While slight perturbations to development can create fodder … Continue reading

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Challenges and Resources for the Post-genomic Era of Anole Research

The Anolis carolinensis genome represents the first annotated squamate genome and provides a valuable resource for those interested in anole morphology, development, physiology, systematics, and behavior (yes, even behavior!).  Since the release of the original A. carolinensis draft genome in … Continue reading

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SICB 2012 Chocked Full of Anoles

The schedule for the 2012 meeting of the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology was recently published and anole enthusiasts will not be disappointed. A key word search of “Anolis” yields 26 presentations, 7 posters and 19 talks! Topics range … Continue reading

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Glowing Green Lizard Heads: Tips and Tricks of Skeletal Preparation

It’s October and that means Halloween is approaching. What says Halloween better than skeletons? They are everywhere this time of year! Therefore, I think that it is the right time to post a few ideas about how to prepare, label, … Continue reading

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Growing Limbs – But Not the Kind With Leaves.

As lineages rapidly diversify, such as in the history of anoles, does their developmental-genetic architecture constrain the rate or direction of evolutionary change? In other words, could the processes controlling the production of variation, the variation that natural selection acts … Continue reading

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Light up my life

Have you ever tried to collect elusive twig anoles? What about small juveniles living in the leaf litter or dense foliage? If you are interested in these or many other hard to find species you have almost undoubtedly gone searching … Continue reading

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