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Can You Spot the Sleeping Anole?

If you can find the sleeping anole in those photo, you will have contributed to cataloging the anole fauna of the Dominican Republic.  Points if you can identify the species.  Hint – the photo was taken on the northern slopes … Continue reading

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Thanks-giving Far from Home

Part of any field-based research program are the random, unimagined discoveries that develop into fascinating side projects. (I’m sure that statement made my advisor’s blood pressure swell a tad).  One such “discovery” I’ve been a part of during my adventures … Continue reading

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Honey Holes and Rare Anoles

Saludos desede la República Dominicana! I’m just past the middle of a 6 week trip to the eastern half of Hispaniola to collect specimens and ecological data for geckos of the genus Sphaerodactylus as part of my thesis work.  I’m … Continue reading

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