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Martha is working on her PhD on the thermal ecology and evolution of anoles in the Losos Lab at Harvard University.

One Night in Antigua – Photos from a Layover with the Colossus Anolis leachii

Sometimes, they say, it’s about the journey, not the destination. This makes me think of exciting layovers I’ve had in Anolis country. At any place where the layover is long enough to permit stepping outside of the airport, I like … Continue reading

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Anolis Warfare – Pictures of an Epic Battle in Guadeloupe

Ali versus Frazier. Athens versus Sparta. Harry Potter versus Voldemort. History has had it share of epic battles, many of which we have documented on the Anole Annals, such as here and here. In my humble opinion, however, none of … Continue reading

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Baby Anoles – Cute, Cuddly, and Easily Staged!

Check out this piece in the New Scientist, which picked up on our images of Anolis embryos and Thom’s awesome research! The readers of this blog do not need to be convinced that anoles are an amazing model system … Continue reading

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Dead for a Day – Long Live the Lizard Man, Eric Pianka

Eric Pianka is no stranger to bizarre conversations. As a public figure in evolutionary biology, he has engaged in numerous perplexing discussions with vociferous dissenters from the Creationist and Intelligent Design camps. On September 26, 2011 Eric Pianka received what … Continue reading

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Odd Behavior in Captive Anoles – Notes from an Anolis cybotes breeding project

This summer I have been breeding several populations of cybotoids to assess egg stage at laying in this environmentally-varied clade of anoles. The cybotoids are trunk-ground anoles from Hispaniola, which includes Anolis cybotes and related species. Captive animals often exhibit … Continue reading

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Anole murder mystery, Part II

In a recent post Miguel Landestoy shared a phenomenal photo of an unfortunate Anolis whitemani that met an untimely end in the dunes of Salinas, in the Dominican Republic. This got me thinking about odd anole deaths that I have … Continue reading

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Dominican anoles that bask together, stick together

I am irreparably fond of anoles, but I must admit that they are not the cuddliest of beasts. In fact, they can be downright unfriendly, especially with each other. The mere sight of another male sends anoles into spasms and, … Continue reading

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Vine Snake Bites Off More Than It Can Swallow

Snakes are one of the most important predators of anoles. Recently on this blog, a beautiful series of photos were posted, showing an eyelash pit viper make quick work of an ill-fated Anolis limifrons. This makes sense, right? The viper … Continue reading

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How Beer Advanced Anole Thermal Biology

It was a long-standing paradigm in ecology that reptiles were consummate thermoconformers, essentially at the whim and mercy of environmental conditions. In 1944 this idea was challenged by seminal work by Cowles and Bogert who definitively demonstrated behavioral thermoregulation in … Continue reading

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Name That Anole!

I recently received an email from UC Davis undergraduate and lizard enthusiast, Kirk Sato. On a recent trip to Belize, Kirk snapped a great photograph of this anole and he wants to know what species it is. What are your … Continue reading

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An Anole By Any Other Name?

Asked Juliet of Romeo, “What’s in a name?” I pose a question to all the Anolis enthusiasts out there: Have you ever heard of the genus Xiphocercus? How about Audantia? As it turns out, several species recognized today as belonging … Continue reading

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Anolis Fangoria – Not for the Faint of Heart!

I don’t know if it’s the cheap gore or the shock of something unexpected, but finding an anatomical oddity or bizarre mutant awakens the morbid curiosity impulse in me. Blame it on a childhood of being a closet reader of … Continue reading

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Wipeout – Anolis lividus on the Volcanic Island of Montserrat

In 1493 Christopher Columbus named it after a mountain in northeastern Spain because he found the island to be as lush and green as the Catalonian province. It’s nicknamed the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean because its early Irish settlers … Continue reading

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