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PhD student at the University of Rochester, combining ecological and molecular genetic data to study dewlap color in anoles.

Anole Research at Animal Behavior Meeting in Summer of 2011

Thom’s recent post on the upcoming SICB meeting reminded me that I was yet to share the anole research I learned about at the Animal Behavior Meeting this past summer in Bloomington, Indiana. There were just a handful of presentations … Continue reading

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Evolution of a Lizard Room, Part IV: Crickets

To continue our series on lab anole husbandry, let’s talk food! We feed our room full of hungry anoles Acheta crickets ordered from Fluker Farms. We house crickets in 21-gallon plastic tubs (bought from places like Target or Home Depot) … Continue reading

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Evolution of a Lizard Room Part I: Introduction

Breeding anoles to look at inheritance of dewlap color has been a major component of my research. It has also, however, been a major frustration. Every step of the process, from keeping the anoles happy enough to reproduce, to finding … Continue reading

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