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Variation in Habitat Use by Females with Different Back Patterns

In many species of anoles, females within a population exhibit sometimes strikingly different back patterns. A recent paper showed that there is interesting variation in the incidence of such variation: mainland and Lesser Antillean anoles exhibit it much more than … Continue reading

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Reproductive Cycle of a High Elevation Colombian Anole

Brian Bock and colleagues, most at the Universidad de Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia, have published a series of papers on two populations of the high elevation anole, Anolis mariarum. The most recent in this series, just out in the journal … Continue reading

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Oldie But Goodie: Anolis Transversalis On The Cover Of Herp. Review

Herpetological Review has recently made available all the covers going back to the advent of color photographs in 1995. I found them on <a href=”″>Herp Review’s Facebook page</a>. As far as I could tell, this shot of Anolis tranvsersalis from … Continue reading

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Monkey Eats Polychrus

Sure they’re cute, but in reality they are anole-killing machines. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but at least some monkeys will eat just about anything, and I was once told of a capuchin that caught a large anole (A. frenatus), … Continue reading

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Have You Seen Anoles Play Dead?

John Phillips and Kirsten Nicholson report in Herpetological Review (42:426-427) observations on A. laeviventris and A. cupreus. To wit: “Upon capture, the individuals struggled to escape the grasp of one of the authors (JGP), and then suddenly went limp without further … Continue reading

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Anole Authors: Draw Attention To Your Work By Writing an Anole Annals Post

But don’t believe us. Listen to satisfied AA poster Ashli Moore, who writes about her recent post (which has been viewed 625 times): “Putting this up on the Anole Annals site was a great decision; I’m certain nobody would have noticed this … Continue reading

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Cleaner Birds Removing Parasites From Anoles?

Brian Langerhans, he of mosquitofish fame (but with some anole credentials, such as here  and here), writes from Raleigh, NC: A strange interaction was observed this morning and I’m wondering if you know what’s going on. There are a number … Continue reading

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What’s All the Fuss About Dewlaps?

Anolis carolinensis from A few years ago, Richard Tokarz and colleagues conducted a series of studies in which he surgically disabled the dewlaps of some male A. sagrei and discovered that these functionally dewlapless lizards had no trouble holding … Continue reading

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Anole Done In By a Black Widow

This sad photo comes to us courtesy of arachnologist extraordinaire Sarah Crews, who snapped the unfortunate little lizard (or fortunate spider, depending on your perspective) in Parque del Este in the Dominican Republic. The offending spider is a member of … Continue reading

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Creation Science Take On Anole Genome, whose mission is to “proclaim the absolute truth and authority of the Bible with boldness,” has a Science Notes section which provides “a weekly feature examining news from the biblical viewpoint.” Here’s what it had to say about the publication … Continue reading

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Anole Theater!

Tickets available at the Box Office.

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Anole Genome Paper in Print and Freely Available Online

In this day of online publication of papers, the significance of the actual appearance of a journal’s latest issue, with an article right there, in ink on paper, has greatly lessened. Nonetheless, I, for one, still consider that moment to … Continue reading

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Knight Anole Eats Basilisk

Even Neil Losin’s cellphone photos turn out spectacular!

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Dewlap Color, Gene Flow, Habitat Specialization, and Speciation: A Tale of Two Contact Zones

Despite all of the research on anole evolution conducted in the last 40 years, one important question still eludes us: how does speciation in anoles occur? This, of course, is of fundamental importance, because the great species richness of these … Continue reading

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A Second Front in the Sagrei-Cristatellus Wars: Anolis Sagrei Arrives in Costa Rica

Anole Annals has previously reported on the ongoing interactions between A. cristatellus and A. sagrei in Miami (for example, here and cool video here), as well as the invasion of Costa Rica by A. cristatellus. Now the plot has thickened. In a 2009 paper … Continue reading

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Anole Crossword Puzzle

From this site: (note: you have to go to the site for the answers; the link below is part of the image pasted into this post and is not active)

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Anoles Still Unbeaten

In a recent post, Rich Glor–he of little faith–claimed that the multi-splendored Sitana ponticeriana outdoes all of Anolis kind by unfurling its spectacular dewlap while standing on its hindlegs. However, Joe Macedonia set the record straight in a comment, pointing … Continue reading

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Measuring Bite Force In Anoles: The Video

The latest anole flick from Day’s Edge Productions. If you haven’t seen some of their previous work, try this one. And for an interview about this film with filmmaker and UCLA grad student Neil Losin, go here.

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Anolis Cuvieri On The Prowl

Puerto Rican anole photographer extraordinaire, Father Alejandro Sanchez (you must see his webpage here) describes these photos of a female A. cuvieri: “In a karstic forest in north-western Puerto Rico, a female Puerto Rican giant anole (Anolis cuvieri) patrols its territory … Continue reading

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Anole Annals Reaching A Wide Audience

For example, we’re proud to be the first “related link” on this post.

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