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Kat is a Lecturer in Ecology & the Environment at the University of Hull. She is vagabonding through real and virtual landscapes in search of answers to diverse scientific questions

Genomic signatures of climate adaptation in Anolis cybotes

Katharina Wollenberg Valero & Ariel Rodríguez Thermal adaptation is the evolution of the ability to persist in novel thermal environments. Phenotypic characters that allow such adaptation, as well as the resulting shifts in the geographic distributions of species, are an … Continue reading

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Anolis carolinensis is headlining the new exhibition on animal sex in the Natural History Museum Rosenstein, Stuttgart, Germany. Go check it out if you’re in the area

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Gear review: the Fish Pen

“Are you sure you don’t want to take a lizard pole?” – “No way, we’re on vacation, not field work”. But once arrived on the lovely Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico I just couldn’t get any of the anoles perching on … Continue reading

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Great Moments in Anolology: Dedication of the MCZ Herp Library in Honor of Ernest Williams

“…On the first weekend of October in 2009, 125 anole biologists traveled from eight countries to Harvard University’s Museum of Comparative Zoology to attend the 6th Anolis Symposium. It had been 10 years since the previous symposium, and a reunion … Continue reading

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Anoleophobic Golfers, Rejoice

In the light of the recent debate of surfacing Scoliodentosaurophobia, golfers that are scared of anoles can now rejoice: Galvin Green UK PACLITE® has collaborated with GORE-TEX® to create the first anoleophobic waterproof golfing gear, helping anole-conscious golfers to “reduce … Continue reading

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Stumbling over the search terms leading to the Anole Annals blog today I found this interesting bit of information: …”afraid of anolis”? Scoliodentosaurophobia, apparently, is the scientific expression for “fear of lizards”. It’s a category to the more general Herpetophobia … Continue reading

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Do you want to cuddle? It makes me feel safe.

Is this really worth it? I was asking myself while trying to balance my weight on the slanted old tree which I had climbed, the mountain stream beneath me gurgling around glistening rocks in the humid night. I stretched out … Continue reading

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Anole predation, literally

It was just one of these mornings when I found myself in the x-ray imaging facility downstairs, post-coffee, but still mostly functioning vegetatively, scanning my specimens. The most interesting incidences during these sessions usually involve Jon catching me dancing around … Continue reading

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