Anolis sagrei plays dead

In previous posts, Hispanioland shows us a picture of the fake dead behavior. This year I breed my pair of Anolis sagrei and I have several offsprings.

I can see that this behavior is rather common among the offsprings, and I partially film it in this vidéo. In this case the offspring starts to stiffen, twists, and drops to the ground. Then opens his mouth and stops breathing. The limbs are tense as a dead individual.
A few seconds see minutes later, the individual of “awakening”.

About luccioco

Anole enthusiast Keep/Kept : Anolis carolinensis, Anolis coelestinus, Anolis cooki, Anolis hendersoni, Anolis porcatus, Anolis oculatus winstoni, Anolis sagrei, Anolis vermiculatus, Anolis valencienni
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