Albino anole

A very rare picture of an albino anole. I searched on a lot of websites, but found no information.

The albinos specimens have an life esperance relatively short (the photo shows a just hatched individuals) , either they are eaten because they are too much visible by the predators, or they couldn’t eat because they are too visible by the preys.
The percentage of the albinos relative the normal specimen is of one case for 100 000.

Depending on the species, this percentage can be more or less important.

Back to the anoles, unlike nocturnal reptiles for which light color is not an important problem, for our anoles which using a lot the light (it is for heating, have bright colors, use lights during parades / dominations), it is a huge problem.

The track that could be to follow is to copy the keeping of the albino alligators in zoos. Some of these zoos keep these crocodilians in total darkness! … but the anoles can’t see very well in the dark. The keeping of albino anoles does not really seem possible.

Sorry for the mistakes.

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Anole enthusiast Keep/Kept : Anolis carolinensis, Anolis coelestinus, Anolis cooki, Anolis hendersoni, Anolis porcatus, Anolis oculatus winstoni, Anolis sagrei, Anolis vermiculatus, Anolis valencienni
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