Things We’d Like to Learn

How are feet adapted to cling on different surfaces?

Last summer I accompanied Martha Muñoz on her trip to the DR. Earlier this month I came to Harvard to present an overview of her study of thermoregulation in the cybotes clade of anoles at various locations and altitudes, and I got to meet some members of the Losos Lab. The work we did on the trip interested me a lot and since then I’ve decided to pursue a research project of my own. I studied Prof. Losos’ book Lizards in an Evolutionary Tree looking for areas where he suggests opportunities for future work, and compiled a list. Since then, Martha has helped me to zero in on 2 or 3 areas in which I could do some work (these include clinging ability and parasite load). In the meantime, I’d like to share the list of possibilities with everyone. (Click here.)

Happy New Year!

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