This Is Wrong on So Many Levels

This brings up a bigger question: why isn’t there a spokesanole for any major company?

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8 Responses to This Is Wrong on So Many Levels

  1. Somewhere, a gecko is watching this and laughing…

  2. marthamunoz says:

    Any one else see the bulge in his tummy? Last meal or tumor?

  3. Ambika Kamath says:

    Seems too round to be prey…I’d vote for tumour.

  4. geneva says:

    Could be a bot fly.

  5. Rich Glor says:

    There is a company called Anolis that does LED lighting, but their icon shows a chameleon! I’ll have more on this topic, and Anolis’s “Google problem” in a subsequent post.

  6. cybokat says:

    Anolis Entertainment is also a German production company that makes splatter horror movies. You can find them on facebook and their mascot is an iguana

  7. Jonathan Losos says:

    Read about Anolis Entertainment here.

  8. marthamunoz says:

    Also a company that does software products, Anolys, which is what the French sometimes use to refer to anoles. At least, the Guadeloupeans call them anolys.

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