Anole Biology Featured in the St. Augustine Times

Read up on the exciting experimental population biology studies of Dan Warner and Alexis Harrison here.

About Jonathan Losos

Author and Professor at Harvard University
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4 Responses to Anole Biology Featured in the St. Augustine Times

  1. thsanger says:

    The Losos lab is getting all sorts of great press lately. Awesome!

  2. Ambika Kamath says:

    Very interesting stuff? Do we know if anole sex ratios are pretty stable and close to 1:1 in natural populations?

  3. Rich Glor says:

    The experiment described in this article sounds like the script for a reality series with bachelors and bachelorettes.

  4. marthamunoz says:

    Usually, but not always. Just drawing from a group near and dear to my heart, Gifford et al. (2002) found a male-biased sex ratio in Anolis longitibialis in Jaragua National Park.

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