Anole Annals Poetry Competition extended

We’ve decided to extend the deadline for the poetry competition one more week. We’ve had a number of good entries but would love some more!

About Yoel Stuart

Yoel studies evolutionary ecology of Anolis lizards. He is a graduate student at Harvard University, in the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology.
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4 Responses to Anole Annals Poetry Competition extended

  1. marthamunoz says:

    A haiku based on how signals key into the neural sensitivities of the senses:
    Silent serenade
    A chorus of dewlappers
    Visual music

  2. Katie Boronow says:

    This poem is inspired by the travails of searching for the elusive Phenacosaurus orcesi during a trip to Baeza, Ecuador last summer:

    The phenacosaur awakens from dreams of juicy prey,
    The volcano Antisana shines brightly in the day.
    Perched on a twig, he rests safely assured,
    “Those silly humans don’t know what they’re looking for!”

    Skirting the road edges with trucks whizzing by,
    No lizards in sight, oh! how time doth fly.
    Binoculars in hand and scanning the brush,
    The orcesi are hidden in the leaves so lush.

    The day slips by till the moon rises high,
    The time for finding an orcesi is nigh.
    Alack! Alas! A lizard in sight!
    But it’s only A. fitchii, try as we might.

  3. Adam Algar says:

    This seemed like a much better use of my time than writing a lecture for Friday:

    An Anole Limerick:

    There once was an anole from Jamaica
    Who said, “you won’t leave, so I’ll make ya”
    And he bobbed his head
    Until he was dead
    Poor anole, it was just T. Ord tryin’ to fake ya.

    ps. this poem does not have animal-care approval

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