Curly Tail Lizard Attempts to Consume Anole

Leiocephalus macropus attempts to consume a juvenile A. jubar in southwestern Cuba. Photos copyright R. Glor 2000.

Anole Annals has a long, gut-wrenching history of posting photographs of our favorite lizards being consumed (or at least partially consumed) by other organisms, including snakes (1, 2, 3), birds (1, 2, 3), other anoles (1, 2), a frog, a spider, and even a plant.  As far as I can tell, however, we have yet to post any images of anoles being eaten by one of their fiercest predators across the northern Caribbean: Curly-tailed lizards (Leiocephalus).  Curly-tails are notorious anole predators and can have a profound impact on anole abundance and behavior (see for, example, Losos et al. 2004).  The photos above were taken in southeastern Cuba and show Leiocepalus macropus killing and attempting to eat a juvenile Anolis jubar.  Manuel Leal initially spotted the Leio plucking the young anole off a tree trunk.  Although the Leio successfully killed the anole and got it part way into its mouth, it seemingly wasn’t able to swallow its intended prey (at least not until we interrupted the event).

About Rich Glor

Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Rochester and longtime anole enthusiast.
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8 Responses to Curly Tail Lizard Attempts to Consume Anole

  1. luccioco says:

    An other predator:

    It is an Anolis polylepis, but i don’t know this small mammal


  2. chipojolab says:

    Old news, however a nice picture. My tech just pointed out that in 2000 she was graduating from elementary school.

  3. What is the advantage of that curly tail on Leiocephalus?

  4. Rich Glor says:

    They use them a lot for signaling, both to other curly tails and to possible predators.

  5. Rich Glor says:

    Do you know who took the photograph? Does anybody know the mammal fauna of Corcovado, Costa Rica?

  6. luccioco says:

    No sorry.

    After some searches, it is a Marmosa murina

  7. luccioco says:

    Marmosa mexicana*

  8. rmpringle says:

    Bob Cox has a couple of great anole-predation photos on his website.
    Leiocephalus + sagrei:
    Alsophis + sagrei:

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