Anolis Flickr Pool – Anolis Decorus

the altercation by Flickr user Dixie Native

I recently stumbled across a Flickr pool dedicated to beautiful images of anoles – Anolis Decorus.  From the pool’s description:

Photographs of anole lizards. This group is open to all, but a very high standard will be maintained so please submit only your best photographs. No photographs of dead or dying lizards please. The emphasis of the photograph should be on the lizard (ergo: please post photographs of Anole lizards, not photographs with lizards in them).

Some AA bloggers (and I assume readers) have contributed images. The pool includes a diverse array of Anolis species and includes some stunning photography. The picture above is yet another example of carolinensis/sagrei encounters like that posted previously here.  Overall there are some really high quality images, check them out.

About Anthony Geneva

Assistant Professor at Rutgers University–Camden. I use a variety of evolutionary genomics approaches to ask questions about gene flow, adaptation and speciation.
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2 Responses to Anolis Flickr Pool – Anolis Decorus

  1. julienneng says:

    Thanks for sharing that link, Anthony – there are some really gorgeous shots there!

  2. Rich Glor says:

    Nice gallery, hopefully it will continue to grow.

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