Help Identify a Colombian Anole

Ken Miyata photographed these anoles about 30 years ago. All we know is that they are from Colombia. Can anyone help?

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7 Responses to Help Identify a Colombian Anole

  1. seems to A. apollinaris or A. fraseri..There is more pics?

  2. Rosario Castañeda says:

    Any locality information?

  3. Jonathan Losos says:

    no, alas, that’s all we’ve got. We were going through old slides from ca. 30 years ago, and it is just labelled “Colombia.”

  4. Melissa Woolley says:

    “Sasaima” is also written on the slide – does that help?

  5. Sasaima, Colombia

    In the photo:
    L – A. apollinaris
    R – A. fraseri

  6. Rafael Moreno says:

    Yellow eyelids and Sasaima (Cundinamarca): I agree with Julián it seems A. apollinaris. In new or problematic Anolis from Colombia V, E. Williams includes a descriptions of A. apollinaris from Sasaima.

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