Anole ID Assistance

Anole ID Assistance

Afternoon to all, I thought I would introduce myself with a few photos to get some identification clarification. The first one was sent by a friend (Tanis Birch) who is traveling in Belize (Punta Gorda). I have not been to Belize and have limited experience with anoles but my best guess was Anolis sagrei. Are there any similar looking anoles which I am not taking into consideration? Any thoughts?



About nacairns

Masters student at the University of Ottawa/Carleton University. Currently working on the conservation of freshwater turtles and the threats posed by inland fisheries. Main areas of interest lie within the topics of competition ecology and island biogeography.
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4 Responses to Anole ID Assistance

  1. Neil Losin says:

    It certainly does look like A. sagrei, and I know they have been reported at certain coastal localities in Belize.

  2. It certainly does appear as a A. Sagrei commonly known as the Cuban Brown Anole. Hope that helps. For more information the best resource is The Reptile Database of which I forget the actual web address. Apologies.

  3. nacairns says:

    This individual was in south Florida, again my assumption was that it was a juvenile A. sagrei.

  4. Yoel Stuart says:

    I agree. Looks like sagrei, although those toes are quite long and slender.

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