Non-native Anoles on Canouan in the Grenadines

Any reason to think these anoles, which arrived on Canouan in a container, presumably from Florida, are anything other than Anolis carolinensis?

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6 Responses to Non-native Anoles on Canouan in the Grenadines

  1. Hispanioland says:

    Hi Bob, from the first photo I say A. porcatus (sub-adult male?)… Although I haven’t handled A. carolinensis, we have been dealing with some new populations within the DR (and many individuals at all age stages). The snout shape and tip points out pretty much towards porcatus. Any closer shot taken outside of the bag please?

  2. Hispanioland says:

    Looking more closely, toepads don’t look as broad as in A. porcatus though. Are those photographs from two different animals?

  3. Robert Powell says:

    Unfortunately, these are the images I received. Not sure we can effectively distinguish porcatus from carolinensis — and we don’t know for sure where in Florida the shipment originated.

  4. Robert Powell says:

    These are two different individuals. The quarantine officer on Canouan found a total of four anoles in the container.

  5. Hispanioland says:

    Maybe it would help If they send a photo of the dewlap (hopefully they have an adult male), or they just take a tail tip for DNA (If is that important to determine which species).

  6. Wes Chun says:

    The top photo resembles porcatus, based (as Hispanioland said) on the shape of the snout. The bottom photo is, I think, carolinensis. I have only seen the irregular, dorsolateral dark line over the shoulder in the latter species.

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