Another Anole-Packed Issue of Reptiles & Amphibians

As with the previous issue, the just released September number of IRCF Reptiles & Amphibians: Conservation and Natural History is a bonanza for anoliphiles. The photo above is from the inside back cover, relating to the article on Cuban herps that features several fine anole photos. There’s also an article on herping in the Dominican Republic and another on the reptiles of San Salvador island, Bahamas. As always, the photos are sumptuous.

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Author and Professor at Harvard University
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3 Responses to Another Anole-Packed Issue of Reptiles & Amphibians

  1. 220mya says:

    I can only guess that Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins had giant twig anoles on his mind when he reconstructed the dinosaur Megalosaurus for the first time:

  2. Jonathan Losos says:

    A twig giant!

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