Anolis Roquet Males Displaying On Exhibit

Acrobatic bushmaster says hello!

At the Nashville Zoo we have a large mixed species exhibit that contains two species of dart frog, a bushmaster, Gonatodes, and 2.3 Roquet’s anoles (Savannah anoles).  We are working on some new graphics where we hope to incorporate videos, and in that attempt we captured some great footage of our two male A. roquet displaying towards one another.  The two males are approximately a foot apart and right in front of the glass of the exhibit.  The females were watching anxiously as shortly after the video stops one male chases the other up a tree.  I hope you enjoy the clips.

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1 Response to Anolis Roquet Males Displaying On Exhibit

  1. Jonathan Losos says:

    I love the way they move their tails up and down–the equivalent of a headbob on the back end.

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