Anoles: They’re Just Like Us!

a juvenile Anolis orcesi, in the afternoon of an all-day recording

They wake up, but hit the snooze button before they really get moving.  They poop, grab something to eat, and then check out the neighborhood.  They take wrong turns, and have to turn around when they reach a dead end.  Young boys try to impress each other with their dewlaps.  They take naps in the afternoon, and yawn throughout the day. They even sleep in the same bed, most nights.

As Jonathan Losos hinted at in an earlier post, we observed 4 Anolis orcesi individuals from dawn to dusk (12 hours!), and several more individuals for 1 to 6 hours, in the vicinity of Baeza, Ecuador.  More to come after several months of video analysis!

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2 Responses to Anoles: They’re Just Like Us!

  1. Rich Glor says:

    Those are some serious anole stakeouts! Were you constantly drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and eating doughnuts like they do in police procedurals?

  2. Bill Bateman says:

    Cool stuff! I tried this with a couple of sagrei in my garden – females were MUCH more interesting than males. The boys just hung out in their territories unless harassing passing females. Females wandered much further, explored more, seemed to eat more (or at least, more often) and had more ‘adventures’ – avoiding cats, running across open spaces, climbing shrubs etc. I’m not naturally patient enough to follow them dawn to dusk though, plus the males were really dull unless there was border incident.

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