Bahamas Research Update: The Impending Armageddon

AA readers may recall a series of post this past May, in which I discussed research on anole ecology and evolution in the Bahamas. Those posts discussed studies that have been ongoing in Abaco for several years on the effect of predators (curly-tail lizards) on anoles, as well as studies initiated this year to the south in Staniel Cay.

Hurricane Irene, predicted to reach Category IV status, is now bearing down on the Bahamas from the south. And if you examine the hurricane’s track, you’ll see that she is aiming right at our study sites. What will happen? In the past 13 years, we’ve had three experiments terminated by hurricanes. Please cross your fingers, toes, and any other extremities in hopes that fourth time is a charm.

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  1. Gerrut Norval says:

    Good luck!

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