Chance, Fate, The Existence of God…and Anoles

Unidentified anole by Miguel Landestoy from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Who can name that species (not Miguel!)?

Faye Flam’s Planet of the Apes column in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer is entitled “Is Life Inevitably or Chance? Lizards May Tell.” Turns out that anoles may hold the answer to some of life’s most profound questions.

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Author and Professor at Harvard University
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2 Responses to Chance, Fate, The Existence of God…and Anoles

  1. Joe Burgess says:

    If its not something new, it looks like…Anolis dolichocephalus

  2. marthamunoz says:

    Yeah. That was my guess, too. They remind me of A. bahorucoensis, but this guy’s schnoz seems much longer. “Dolicho-” means long, so I guess that fits. I may be mistaken, but A. bahorucoensis also has blue and/or green blotching along its neck, no?

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