Anole Annals Challenge: Create a New Dewlap Collage

Over the years, many talks on anole dewlaps have featured an image from Nicholson et al.’s 2007 paper from PLoS One on anole dewlap evolution (I saw this image at least once at JMIH this year).  Now that its been almost five years since this image was published, I think its time we came up with a new collage of anole dewlaps.  Which dewlaps should we include?  Who’s got dewlap photos to share for the effort?  If you’ve got some nice photos to share for the collage please post them here at Anole Annals and I’ll put them all together to generate our anole community dewlap collage!  See the guidelines for posting for instructions on how to post images as part of a comment.  (For my part, I’ve accumulated lots of photos from the Greater Antilles, but have almost nothing from the mainland or the Lesser Antilles.)

About Rich Glor

Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Rochester and longtime anole enthusiast.
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9 Responses to Anole Annals Challenge: Create a New Dewlap Collage

  1. Joe Burgess says:

    Does the dewlap have to be mechanically extended?

  2. Rich Glor says:

    I don’t think so, as long as we can see the whole thing.

  3. Rich Glor says:

    Here are few images to get us started:
    Anolis coelestinus
    Anolis coelestinus from the Sierra de Bahoruco (GLOR 7444)

    Anolis ricordii
    Anolis ricordii from the Sierra de Bahoruco (GLOR 7791)

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  5. Melissa Woolley says:

    Here are a few from Luke Mahler
    Anolis lyra
    Anolis lyraAnoles of Mindo Anolis proboscis, equatorialis, fraseri, and gemmosus.

  6. Melissa Woolley says:

    And a few that I recently took of Anolis fitchi (female and male), and Anolis orcesi (female and male)
    Anolis fitchi and orcesi

  7. Rich Glor says:

    These mainland dewlaps are pretty sweet. Anolis fitchi looks like it could rival A. christophei in a dewlap size contest!

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  9. Check Anolis mariarum dewlap
    Anolis mariarum

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