Unique dewlap?

I recently returned from a trip to eastern Cuba and as expected, made some interesting observations and gathered some new natural history information.
While poking around one evening with a flashlight (mainly looking for Eluth’s) I saw this “orange” sagrei sleeping on some veg. I photographed it to share here since there was some discussion on and off blog about this color phase. After I got it in hand to determine species (since homolechis and jubar were also very common in the area), I was surprised at the dewlap appearance. At first I thought it had a red mite infection because of the color and texture; but after scrutiny, just accepted that it had a bright red pigment that was scattered about the entire ventral anterior. Any ideas or similar observation?

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3 Responses to Unique dewlap?

  1. Liam says:

    Doesn’t the body of this animal also look overly pigmented?

  2. Gerrut Norval says:

    I agree, it does seem to have some strange coloration. But still, very beautiful.

  3. Jay Sommers says:

    This looks like it was colored by hand to me!

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