A Primer on Filming Anole Behavior – Part 1(b)

Back in my first post on this topic, I described some of the equipment I use to film anole behavior. I ended with a promise of a second entry replete with example videos to outline specific techniques I use to get useful footage. I also wrote that hi-definition videos are troublesome to play, let alone edit, on many computers. Well, the egg is partially on my face, because I’ve been having trouble finding a good way to edit standard definition videos. Playback, the important part for my research, is flawless, but iMovie doesn’t like to deal with the files.

Rather than balk at this challenge any longer, I decided to turn to the community (that’s you, Anole Annals reader) for help. So those of you out there who have done video editing, can you recommend a program to use (or to avoid)? Cost and ease of learning are prime considerations for me right now. Please leave comments, and thanks in advance for any input.

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