The Anole Phylogeny at JMIH

In addition to a number of Anole posters yesterday, the Joint Meeting of Icthyologists and Herpetologists featured a talk by Rich Glor entitled “Phylogenetics and Diversification of Anolis Lizards.” In his 12 minutes Rich covered a lot of material. He described: the key components in diagnosing an adaptive radiation (speciation, adaptation and the more controversial extraordinary diversification), how the properties of adaptive radiations result in problems resolving their phylogenies (particularly when diversification rates are extraordinary), leveraging the anole genome project to generate and analyze new, informative loci for anole phylogenetics, the impact of incomplete data matrices on the ability to accurately infer phylogenies, and closed with a presentation of the latest, greatest genus-wide phylogeny of Anoles.

About Anthony Geneva

Assistant Professor at Rutgers University–Camden. I use a variety of evolutionary genomics approaches to ask questions about gene flow, adaptation and speciation.
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