Anole Talks and Posters at the 2011 Herp Meetings

Lots of anole action at the herp meetings starting on Wednesday in Minneapolis. Listed below are the talks and posters found by searching for “anol” in the online program abstract. If you know of others, please let us know. And…if you’re going to attend the meetings, how about posting on the talks and posters, so those of us not in the northlands can stay up to speed? Abstracts can be found by going here (I just read through them–some great stuff!).

Talks (NOTE: Gunderson’s talk on thermal ecology of A. cristatellus was originally scheduled for Saturday, but has just been rescheduled for Friday at 2:30 in Conrad B & C)

Friday, 2:30 pm: Alex Gunderson. Geographic Variation in the Thermal Ecology and Physiology of Anolis cristatellus and its Implications in a Changing World

Saturday, 2 pm: Rich Glor. Phylogenetics and Diversification of Anolis Lizards

Sunday, 8:45 am: A. Reedy. Maternal Nest-site Choice in the Lizard Anolis sagrei: A Unique Research-based Educational Model for Youth at an Urban High School

Sunday, 2:45 pm: J. Deitloff. Hemipenes vs. Dewlaps: Which Morphological Characters Can be Used to Delineate Species in Anoles?

Sunday, 2:45 pm: H. Waddle. Brown Anole Presence Reduces Occupancy of Green Anoles in Southern Florida Natural Areas


Saturday, Poster 14: J. Phillips. Evolutionary and Biogeographic Relationships Among Species of the Anolis humilis Complex

Saturday, Poster 15: J. Davis. A phylogenetic analysis of the Anolis pentaprion Species Group

Saturday, Poster 16: J. Gubler. Investigation of the Evolutionary Relationships Among Species of the Anolis limifrons Complex

Saturday, Poster 75: A. Geneva. A Multi-locus Molecular Phylogeny of Distichoid Anoles

Saturday, Poster 76. S. Lambert. Molecular Systematics of Hispaniolan Crown-giant Anoles

Sunday, Poster 21: M. Moody. Egg Environments have Large Effects on Embryonic Development, but have Minimal Consequences for Fitness-Related Phenotypes in a Lizard (Anolis sagrei)

Sunday, Poster 35: M. Zhuang. Comparative Gliding Performance of Anolis carolinensis and Anolis sagrei

Sunday, Poster 44: P. Cupp. Responses of ground skinks, Scincella lateralis, and Green anoles, Anolis carolinensis, to Chemical Deposits of Eastern Milk Snakes, Lampropeltis triangulum

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2 Responses to Anole Talks and Posters at the 2011 Herp Meetings

  1. Rich Glor says:

    The Glor Lab will be at the meetings and will be posting reports on anole related presentations and posters. Stay tuned!

  2. Rich Glor says:

    Second day of the meeting and still no anole talks or posters! I’ve just learned, however, that Gunderson’s talk on thermal ecology has been shifted to today (Friday) at 2:30 in Conrad B & C.

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