Name That Anole: Poster Edition

Rich Glor has thrown down the gauntlet. Who can name the five anoles pictured on the CaribHerp poster in the last post? I know what they are, but I had to get help on #5, which does not sport the typical look for that species (and the esteemed Dr. Glor’s guesses are incorrect).

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2 Responses to Name That Anole: Poster Edition

  1. Rich Glor says:

    I’ll let some other folks have fun with numbers 1-4, since I’m pretty confident I know all of those. No cheating by looking at the photos and IDs on caribherp! As for #5, I’m not sure. I agree with Miguel’s suggestion that it’s in the sagrei species group. Since it’s not A. bremeri (my first guess), I’m going to go with A. mestrei. Anolis mestrei can have pretty big dewlaps and the coloration of this one is more similar to dewlaps I’ve seen on A. mestrei than in A. ahli or A. allogus. The body coloration on this one also looks more like A. mestrei to me.

  2. Rich Glor says:

    I ran into Blair Hedges last night at JMIH. He tentatively agreed with my diagnosis that the bottom dewlap is from A. mestrei, but needs to confirm this.

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