Anole Poster From CaribHerp

Caribherp is a website devoted to all herpetologic matters West Indian. It describes itself as follows:

Caribherp contains information on amphibians and reptiles of the Caribbean Islands (West Indies). It serves as a checklist of what occurs in the region as well as a quick identification guide to the species. Approximately 2000 images and maps, and selected frog calls (sounds), are presented along with an integrated open-access journal, Caribbean Herpetology. The journal accepts color images and video and currently publishes brief communications on individual species—later volumes will include full research articles. The species accounts can be sorted in many ways. Maps of the Caribbean, both current and historical, can be found on a separate site, Caribmap. Multimedia essays related to conservation issues on Caribbean islands are on a third site, Caribnature.

The poster above and a similar one can be obtained here on the “Resources” page.

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3 Responses to Anole Poster From CaribHerp

  1. Rich Glor says:

    Anybody else have a guess as to which species are represented in this poster? The one on the bottom has me thinking. The dewlap looks too large to be A. sagrei, so I was going to guess A. bremeri. Other thoughts? The one on the top brings back memories of a failed night hunt for one of the rarest species in the Caribbean.

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  3. hispanioland says:

    It should be some on the A. sagrei group… I photographed A. mestrei but it has a smaller -like that on sagrei- (and triangled) dewlap and bordered with lot of white. Maybe A. allogus or A. ahli (haven’t seen those personally)? A. marcanoi is out of the game for me, dewlap’s whitish scales are larger and more spread out in this species (and head does not look that stucky) than in A. marcanoi.

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