Another Anole That Sees With Its Eyes Closed

Anolis argenteolus is not the only (Cuban) species that has this “window” on the lower eyelid. Anolis lucius also has transparent scales, but if I recall there are 3 in this species. Interestingly, both of these species are to some extent saxicolous or cliff dwelling. So perhaps the sunglasses theory is correct. Protects the eyes from reflection off the white limestone rocks? Attached is an image of this species from the Matanzas Province.

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1 Response to Another Anole That Sees With Its Eyes Closed

  1. Great, thanks for sharing it! I would like to post a photo in this comment too (don’t know how to, If possible) showing the habitat where I photographed the A. argenteolus. There were caves and big crevices there where they often hung around (where not much light reach it). It is curious seeing that both species has that scale in the lower eyelid, I wonder Its the lid which actually slide up and the upper does not have much mobility. It seems like the right place to have it since the pale rocks are usually closer below from the lizards.

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