What the…?

Who would create such a page? And who are the seven people who “like it”? It seems possibly a response to the “Anolis” FB page (featuring the same ID photo), which reassuringly has 109 likes… For the record, of the plethora of anole themed FB pages, AA endorses “Anolis Lizards,” primarily because we created it. Check it out, and please add your own photos and posts.

About Jonathan Losos

Author and Professor at Harvard University
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2 Responses to What the…?

  1. Gerrut Norval says:

    I would respond to that with this:

    ‘ People often ask, “What good are Lizards?” to which we respond with “ What good are people?” Such anthropocentrism is abhorrent. Lizards have as much of a place on the planet as any living creature, including humans. Indeed, they have successfully inhabited Earth for much longer than humans have – lizards will undoubtedly persist long after humans and most mammals have gone extinct.’

    Eric R. Pianka & Laurie J. Vitt

  2. Joe Burgess says:

    Sounds like the creator of this needs to be in Ted Kaczynski’s address book 😉

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