Anolis Blood Work, “Normal” Levels

I was wondering if anyone has some good information, published or otherwise, on the normal values found within a blood sample for an anolis species?  We have been doing some sampling within our collection and are looking for something with which to compare our results.  We have Chamaeleolis porcus, barbatus, and chamaeleonides, as well as Anolis ricordi and smallwoodi.  The blood samples that we have taken are all from our porcus.  The only values that our vets currently have to compare to are those from a veiled chameleon, and being an old world species, I don’t know how well that translates to Anolis.  The calcium phosphorus ratio looks pretty close to normal, but the calcium level is almost three times as high as we expected.  Is this possibly normal for a lizard that is a snail specialist?  Any other information that you could give me would also be much appreciated. 

Thank you for any help,


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