Great Moments in Anolology: Dedication of the MCZ Herp Library in Honor of Ernest Williams

“…On the first weekend of October in 2009, 125 anole biologists traveled from eight countries to Harvard University’s Museum of Comparative Zoology to attend the 6th Anolis Symposium. It had been 10 years since the previous symposium, and a reunion was long past due. In 2008, as we began to consider how to proceed with such an endeavor, a fortunate thing happened: the Herpetology Department at the MCZ renovated its library and teaching space – the famous lair of the late pater anolis, Ernest Williams. The library needed a namesake, and Ernest was under strong consideration (after all, he had been instrumental in filling its shelves!). After a brief period of friendly deliberation, it was decided that the library would be dedicated to Williams, and that the occasion would be the commencement of the 6th Anolis Symposium, held at the Museum of Comparative Zoology…” (From the preface of the Anolis Newsletter VI)

Here are some snapshots I took at the opening ceremony:


Detail, from Jose Rosado's cellphone

.. and the infamous "instant replay" of the scene, presented by Jim Hanken, for everyone who happened to sit on the other side of the pillar

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