Anolis carolinensis Genome Paper Submitted

The long awaited paper describing the genome sequencing of Anolis carolinensis was submitted for publication on Thursday. Containing seven figures and with 50 authors, the paper is an epic step forward in our understanding of anole genetics. Stay posted for updates as the story develops.

About Jonathan Losos

Author and Professor at Harvard University
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4 Responses to Anolis carolinensis Genome Paper Submitted

  1. Melissa says:

    Epic! congrats : )

  2. 220mya says:

    Am I correct in thinking this is the first non-avian sauropsid genome to be fully sequenced? Wish we also had a sequenced nuclear genome for Alligator mississippiensis, Sphenodon punctatus, and Trachemys scripta.

  3. Jonathan Losos says:

    Correct you are. With the 10,000 Genomes Initiative, hopefully there will be more soon.

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