Anoleophobic Golfers, Rejoice

In the light of the recent debate of surfacing Scoliodentosaurophobia, golfers that are scared of anoles can now rejoice:

Galvin Green UK PACLITE® has collaborated with GORE-TEX® to create the first anoleophobic waterproof golfing gear, helping anole-conscious golfers to “reduce the stress on the body, preserving the body’s energy levels, enabling the golfer to focus more on the game” without having to fear unwanted anole encounters.

anoleproof golfing gear

About cybokat

Kat is a Lecturer in Ecology & the Environment at the University of Hull. She is vagabonding through real and virtual landscapes in search of answers to diverse scientific questions
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2 Responses to Anoleophobic Golfers, Rejoice

  1. Jonathan Losos says:

    Oleophobic means, according to, “having or relating to a lack of strong affinity for oils.” Perhaps “an oleophobic” became “anoleophobic”? Or perhaps golfers are terrified of anoles.

  2. cybokat says:

    psst – don’t mention that towards the anoleophobic golfers!

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