Anoles Rule!

In an unprecedented display of organismal superiority, an anole graces the cover of a major scientific publication for the third time in six months (the others may be seen here and here [editor’s note: see comment]).  The photo advertises an article on environmental niche modelling and biogeographic boundaries in two Hispaniolan anole species, which will be the subject of a forthcoming post. Incidentally, not that anyone’s counting, this makes two cover shots for Richard Glor and one for Luke Mahler.

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5 Responses to Anoles Rule!

  1. lukemahler says:

    OK, it’s on!

  2. Jonathan Losos says:

    Horrendous oversight–Anoles captured another cover last June, making four majors in nine months! Kudos to Michele Johnson for this one.

  3. Michele Johnson says:

    Wow – I’m tied with Luke Mahler? Woot!

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