Green Anole Mayhem

Florida green anoles appear so loving and peaceful. But perhaps the tranquility of Hawaii brings out the devil in them. Johanna Mercier was on vacation on Kauai with her husband and daughters when she snapped these photos on February 27th. She describes what happened: “These were taken in Kapa’a, Kauai at about 4:30pm.  They were on a hibiscus plant and I almost missed them, they blended in so well.  I watched them for almost half an hour and finally had to pull myself away to make dinner. NOT being sarcastic, they were fascinating!  They would flare out their dewlaps and bob at each other with their mouths open and then latch onto each other. They would stay in this lock for easily 5-10 minutes without moving. Then one would slip and fall; they’d climb back to each other and do it all again.”

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Author and Professor at Harvard University
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