Origami Anoles!

Check out the work of origami maestro Bernie Peyton!  Bernie, a Berkeley trained Ph.D. and expert on Andean sun bears, is also world renowned for his origami.  He combines his zoological acumen with his artistic sense, making many origami animals, some of which you can see here (although none, of course, match the splendor of his anoles).  Bernie currently has a show at Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, Connecticut until February 28.

Photos courtesy Bernie Peyton.

About Jonathan Losos

Author and Professor at Harvard University
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3 Responses to Origami Anoles!

  1. Mrs Lizard says:

    very cool, are those for sale?

  2. Jonathan Losos says:

    No, Mrs. Lizard, they are not, as far as I am aware. I believe the top one is in the fabled Schneider Collection.

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